A week in pictures

So much to write but I give you parts of my week in pictures, and saving the words for later. The christmas tree has some work to… The moon hit me like a spotlight in the face when it raised ofer the roof of our neighbors house. In the morning the moon was still shining but on the other side of the house. 

I love the shadows in the sealing from the star in the window. I really don’t like the ice outside. Running with icebugs on my feets. But I do like wen the sun is shining. Btw I wear my icebugs as soon as leve my house, even I if just go out and checking the mailbox (the snailmail box, you know the one with only bills and commercial and 2 Christmas cards so far) I will not risk falling and get hurt. I do my handstand, drink water, light candles, make jewelry, I do yoga and spend time in front of my computer. At the moment I just sitting on the floor drinking my morning coffee 🙂 and in the beginning of this post I wrote… Give you pictures instead of words??? Haha as you might understand I have a need of spreading words… Today only in English no time for a Swedish version of this post. Hope there are not to many mistakes in my text. No time to ”reread” it before I post it. Wish you all a wonderful Friday.

Hejsvejs – Marie 



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