Wise words 

This is so true. I saw this quote last night and this morning ”ego distraction” happened to me. I thought I had an appointment at 3pm today. But my iPhone told me when drinking my morning coffee that the appointment is 10.15. A second of stress came in to my body. At the same time I remembered this quote from last night. And I realized this was why the feeling came in to my body. If the appointment is this early I don’t have the time to ”feed my ego” the whay I had planned. 

There are so many things we do to please our ego without knowing it. It can be both work or other things. But to pay attention to the gutfeelings and to the moments when the sharp stressenergy hit us with a nanosecond kick in the solar plexus. 

At those moments it’s really good to STOP! Exhale and close your eyes, exhale again suck in the belly all the way to the spine. Let the shoulders fall down relax and listen to the body. Think of what just happened. What did the body just told me? Do I want that kind of feeling inside of me? 

Of course not. And the only one who can change the feeling inside my body is myself. 

I told a friend earlier this week. You need to not only listen to your body. You need to find a way to ”clean the brain” when you are on the way to do the things your body creams at you not to do. Things you do to please others, things you think other people expect from you. But whenever you’re body screams NO! You must act to please your body. That is the most important part in your life right now.

This was a long text about a quote I saved for doing a very short blog post about. Haha.. My brain thinks to much for doing short posts of interesting and thoughtful things. 

For me this stress kick moment was just a moment of ego. Really nothing important at all. The appointment at 10.15 is perfect today. But it is so interesting to listen to the body. I don’t want stress in my life. I want to feel smooth insideout and with a clear brain. So my ego has to step back to be able to flow with inner peace.

Hejsvejs – Marie 

The Ametist is told to calm the mind. I wear mine every day. You can get your own in the Webshop. 😌❤️ or follow @lilbellulajewelry at IG for a chance to win a #HealingFridayPendant every Friday a new pendant ”looking for a new home”. 



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