Älskade reklamglas från ARLA :) 

”Smoothie Energy” And yes! One with smoothie, another one with coffe and the third glass with water. I am still looking for the exact same glass without the company name and text on it 🙂 but until I find them I will use this. From the Swedish milk company ARLA. 

Simplicity… And the perfect size in every way a glass can be shaped for a smoohie. I do have other glasses for water and other cups for coffee. But this is the only glass I want to drink my smoothie in. And yes it is also my favorite for coffee. Sometimes I wish I not was such a geek when it comes to unimportant things like this. But it’s like wearing uncomfortable clothes. I just can’t wear them no matter how beautiful or exclusive or good looking it can be. 

And I understand that there are people who are geeks in the opposite way. Only drink from exclusive glasses from a certain company and things like that. No matter if the glass are comfortable to drink from the only matter is the company name or designer. That is comfortable for them. As for some people (maybe that is the same people?) the same with clothes, it’s all about the designer no matter if it’s comfortable as long as it is expensive. 

There is nothing right or wrong in this. It’s only the way we are. Some of us can understand eachother and smile when we see the differences. Haha a long blogpost about a glass??? Or is it maybe a blog post about different personalities and acceptance of being different.

Kan vara ett av de märkligare blogginläggen jag skrivit. Om mina underbara reklamglar från ARLA. Som min mamma eller pappa vunnit på nån golftävling 🙂 . Så simpla och vorde ju inte hara svåra att få tag på:… Men alltså höjden, vikten och det viktigaste av allt tjockleken(tunn) på glaset. Perfektion i sin enkelhet. Men vore självklart snyggare utan reklam. Iof, jag gillar den lilla vita ARLA kossan längst ner på glaset.

Hejsvejs – Marie

Ps. Nu finns @lilbellulajewelry på IG. To Raise Awareness for FOP.



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