When life changes in a second.

My amazing friend broke his neck 😦 now a new battle begins.

We haven’t meet in person but we have become friends through IG. He encourage me and inspire me in my handstandjourney a journey that is a part of my healing, both mentally, for fun and for strengthening my body after a herniated disc in my lower back. 

Jason (@jaythecrow) inspires me a lot by his amazing skills, so controlled and beautiful movements. But also his journey to make the impossible possible always with a smile on his face. An artist from Vegas – a really friendly soul. Now he got a tough challenge ahead. But he is amazing and I am sure he will win. 

So chocked when I got the sad news this weekend. He had an accident during practice (equipment broke) and broke his neck. He had to go through a neck & spine surgery to save his life. Now his partly paralyzed. But he is fighting and struggling, still with a smile on his face. He is already surpassing anything the doctors and nurses thought he would be capable of. So… From the chock…. Sad feelings… How is he??? Questions tht popped in to my head… he took the lead again and continues to inspire me. 

The heartwarming feeling when I woke up in the morning and saw that he had ”liked” my pic on IG. Then reading that he struggles to hold his phone by him self (but not letting anyone help him) and randomly wiggling his toes… That ”like” is worth so much. Those are the likes that really counts. 

His friends has put up a gofoundme page for Jason it felt so good to just put in $20 even if it not much ”every dollar counts and no ammunt is to small” (since I help raise money and awareness  for my sons rare disease FOP I know that’s true). The purpose is so they can send him to the best rehabilitation center as soon as possible. His insurance does not cover out of state facilities. $90k is the goal but that only cover one mounth of rehab. So the hope is to pass that ammount so he can stay at reahab for as long as necessary and also to help cover any bills when he’s out of work. 

I thinking of the Winston Churchill quote: ”Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”. And I really hope this new  beginning will come with an amazing future. With love from Sweden I will will follow your journey  and do my best to be a helping hand, smile and inspiration from the other side of the Atlantic. 

He was the one (I wrote about him earlier this year) who really inspired me to try polefitness. And now I am doing things I never dreamed of being able to do on a pole haha. And!!! My arms and hands are getting stronger. My goal to walk in my hands at my 50th birthday the 21st of November getting closer…

Thank you Jason for being an inspiration and I really hope the $90k goal will be reached and passed very soon. So I can go to Vegas and walk upside down with you in the future. 🙃🙏🏼💪🏼 

Ps. Don’t forget to breathe… When 5 is to short count to 10… Or 20.. Your lungs will we be happy and yor core will keep up the strength even when your sad, bored or frustrated. 

Hejsvejs – Marie

Handstand and Pole. 49,5y old. Who could imagine that my future should look like this when I walked as a robot in 2010-2012. Inspired by amazing people at IG. 



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